What Every Entrepreneur Should Outsource To Scale Their Business

Owning a business comes with a lot of responsibilities which may be overwhelming due to the large amount of work required. Hired hands are great but do not always meet with the required taste or aren’t dynamic enough to handle various facets of business activities. It is common for companies to outsource a block of activities to companies or freelancers who specialize in offering some specific services.

Why outsourcing?

If you are an entrepreneur and you are yet to understand why you need to outsource jobs surrounding your business, here are a few reasons;

  1. Time management – it would give you more time to attend to other responsibilities concerning the business. This would enable you get more work done in little time
  2. Professional work – there are a lot of professionals in the field who have years of experience and would be the best option for an excellent work at a very affordable rate.
  3. Building a relationship with experts – outsourcing jobs exposes you to a line of professionals who can be added to your contact lists as consultants for the sake of networking.
  4. Finding capable hands for continuity – there are certain responsibilities in a business that might need continuous aid especially when it comes to business marketing and public relations. This would enable you build a relationship with a most efficient agent or company.

Outsourcing as a culture

A lot of businesses are skeptical about the idea of outsourcing personal company responsibilities and sharing details with a bunch of strangers who would operate remotely and may not be so enthusiastic in offering you the best. There are also concerns such as sharing your company details or secrets to competitors and leaving you with no competitive advantage. There is also the issue of being able to effectively communicate your needs. Most people prefer the traditional round table meeting where you meet with a company representative or an agent and the agent gives you a comprehensive detail on what they can offer and then on acceptance there would be a signing of contract after which the contract becomes functional, and if there is a breach of contract, litigation would be easy. Yes, there are great advantages working with physical representatives, however, whether physical or an online company the fact remains that you would need to outsource a ton of responsibilities in order for your business to reach higher heights.

There are companies who have little or no staff, all work is outsourced and this reduces the need for having a large employee base and paying monthly salaries, stipends, health insurance and even a pension scheme. There would be no need for holidays and paid leaves, maternity leaves and a lot of other eventualities that would usually put a dent on company finance.

For new businesses and startups, it is not advisable to have permanent staffs as these results to constant expenses monthly which cannot be evaded or economized. Here are a few company responsibilities that can be outsourced to scale business;

  • Public relations

A good branding and an effective public relations is what every business needs. The PR stands as a spokes person both online and in public for the company. The PR also acts as an advocate for everything company related and this includes representing the company onsite and offsite, making sure that the brand image is strong.

  • Social media marketing

This is a one of the most important responsibility as the social media personnel has to ensure that the business is represented online on all social media with images, videos and engaging content.

  • Customer care

The job of the customer care is to answer any question from customers on the business and its operations, also to send out mails, newsletters and other forms of details to customer base and basically handling communication between the company and customers.

  • Content marketing

Everything from the content on the websites to the content on social media is prepared by the content marketer. This agent or company has full details of the history and functions of the company including its schedules, events, inventory and other relevant information that would be of use to the general public. Content must be professionally scripted to pull audience and well optimized with keywords to ensure that it is search engine friendly.

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