What Every Business Owner Should Do To Bring Out The Best In Their Employees

Every business thrives on the hard work and collective innovation of employees. These employees contribute meaningfully to the growth and development of the organization. Even though they are paid for their services, the passion and enthusiasm that is invested every day to make sure every work day is a giant leap is simply admirable. Often times company owners don’t take the time to properly recognize their employees.

The manager employee relationship in the modern world is most times more like that of a shark and remora fish, mutual but not so healthy. Perhaps that goal can easily be achieved if there was a better way to communicate with employees.

Being able to bring out the best in your employees is not just an obligation; it is a leadership skill which helps you to understand the behavioral patterns of human beings, how people think and act under various circumstances and how to effect changes in their work pattern by better understanding them as individuals. As a leader this is your responsibility. Here are ways to get the best out of your employees.

  • Be a good listener

Most times bosses already have a clear plan and directions in which they are headed. They would prefer a more submissive approach where they talk and employees listen, no arguments. The fact that they are managers or CEOs means they must have gathered more experience than anyone else right? This may be true but the problem usually lies in the execution of this plan. No matter how magnificent an idea sounds, it would have to go through a certain amount of labor and monitoring. The best people to give suggestions are the ones responsible for executing these plans and idea. A boss who would take out time to listen to employees, ask them questions on how they feel about certain ideas or what they feel can be better, this will spur up the hidden talent in employees. They would be able to express themselves better, suggesting more efficient ways to meet company goals.

  • Don’t be a dictator

There are various styles of leadership. A dictator is a form of leadership widely practiced in a lot of big corporate organizations. A lot of people work for bosses who are kill-joys. Once the boss is around, employees scamper of to find something to engage in. sometimes this gets the job done. It mostly works in organizations that has a design and works with a laid out plan. These organizations do not need extra contribution from employees in form of ideas, they just need skills.

As an organization that requires ideas and innovativeness from employees, it’s imperative to build good working relations with employees instead of being a dictator.

  • Do not be biased

It’s no surprise that bosses often have favorite employees. This should not be extended to work. Give proper credit to employees who deserve it and leave no one out of the picture as this usually builds into conflicts or low self esteem which may affect productivity.

  • Encourage staffs

There are many ways to encourage staffs that work hard and achieve desired results. This could be by formal recognition such as “employee of the week” which is widely practiced or it could be inform of appraisals that come with a bonus or even as simple as words of encouragement.  This is necessary to achieve maximum involvement and hard work from employees.

  • Send employees on trainings

When employees are sent on capacity development training they build technical knowledge required to move the company forward. This is widely practiced buy NGOs and financial institutions. It greatly improves skill and capacity of employees.

  • Entrust them with bigger responsibilities

This may seem like more of a discouragement than an encouragement but look at it this way; employees who do the same thing everyday usually feel like this is all there is for them and they are not being given bigger tasks because the management feels they are not experienced enough or deserve such honor. Allotting bigger responsibilities to employees would make them feel valued and they would want to keep the trust by ensuring that the job is thoroughly executed.

  • Hold outdoors team building programs

Employees mostly have one route; straight to the office and straight home. Holding outdoor programs such as camping and employee get together are a great way to create a fun atmosphere and better communication within employees and bosses. Most people don’t even know what their bosses and colleagues are like after work. This would foster better team spirit and a more personal commitment to organizational activities and better working conditions.

These are tested and trusted methods of getting the best performances out of your employees. It would create an atmosphere where every employee would work better as a team to achieve company goals.

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