Top Social Media Platforms To Advertise Your Products And Services

It is very important that all businesses have an online presence; this ensures visibility and opens doors to business growth. Advertising on one or two social media platform is great but it’s usually more effective to advertise on all social media for maximum result. To advertise your business on all social media sites there are a few things to take into consideration such as;

  • Content

this is the quality and quantity of content you choose to advertise on these social media channels and what form do they take; are they words, pictures, videos, GIFs, infographs and the likes. How long is your content and how does it appeal to the emotions of audience? What is the take away from every post? Is it a call for action or structured to report an incident, an event or simply to educate. There are various strategies and techniques to employ when creating content for social media as it is meant to carry a message.

  • Time

how much time should be invested daily on creating new posts. This helps you plan your schedules better.

  • Frequency

how often are you meant to put up new posts in order to keep audience engaged? This is usually an issue because most times people do not have the time to post content as frequent as they would want to. We will get to that problem later.

  • Optimization

when creating content for your social media platform, you need to be able to define what the event is and how this is relevant in a very concise manner otherwise you would lose your audience. This requires optimization, the use of certain keywords and phrases that tell the story in a most effective way.

The purpose of advertising in to get the word out and let a large audience know about the services you offer or to advocate for a certain cause. There are numerous reasons for advertising and this can all be done on any social media platform. The most efficient ways to advertise your business are;


Advertising businesses have never been easier. Instagram is an internet based App that is popularly used for photo sharing. It is compatible on mobile and desktop devices and is available in 33 languages.

Instagram allows you upload videos and photos, apply filters to images and geotags to inform the audience on your location, link your Instagram account to other social media account in order to be able to share content across them all, explore recommended trends and so much more.

Instagram is most popularly used by people who wish to advertise fashion, lifestyle, luxury brands, food and the likes. Since post frequency for Instagram is once a day it is advised to pick a strategic time to create this post, most likely weekends, and nights when corporate or business activities are less.

Followgram is a useful tool which can be linked with your Instagram account to track the statistics of comments, posts and activities on your posts.


Twitter’s 140 character limit has never deterred its credibility or popularity as a leading service in news and social networking. Each posts are called “tweets” and is signatory to its bird-form logo. Twitter is multi-lingual with millions of users worldwide. Over the years twitter has proved to be the largest source and bearer for breaking new. Whatever the story is whatever the event is, from any part of the world, twitter is usually the first to catch it, this makes twitter a formidable force in advertising.

Twitter is used by both individuals and large organizations. It allows you post content multiple times a day in order to catch specific audience at various times of the day. Posting multiple times a day might be a little stressful so there is a tool to make this process seamless. “Buffer” is a social media management tool that allows you to stock or schedule your posts all day round and this manager simply updates posts at the allotted period.


This platform is no stranger on advertising and marketing. I am very certain the most aged amongst us are all on Facebook and at least understand the concept of “likes”.

Facebook stands out as the most popular above them all with an eye gouging two billion followers at least. This is a very good number of the world population. From videos, GIFs, Graphics, images, and all forms of content, Facebook has got you covered. You can create campaigns on a page to market your business and you can amass great number of followership by subscribing for the campaign services. With Facebook everything is possible. It has no limitations and allows you to accept and send requests to just about anybody. You can also monitor how much traffic your advertised posts are reeling in by using tools such as “Bitly”.


Now let’s get down to business proper. There is no website that advertises business and employment quite like linked in. yes it is a social network but this isn’t your typical fun and games social media, this is serious stuff. LinkedIn provides a platform for job seekers, recruitment agencies and entrepreneurs to sell their business and provide updates on the most recent developments concerning their company.

With over 467 million accounts, LinkedIn stands as one of the most significant and highly interactive business sites on the web. As the name entails, LinkedIn links people with businesses and provides a medium for people to get first hand information on the profile, credibility and functionality of individuals and organizations. It is a most useful social media platform for job seekers. People can go online to view your profile and paid users can in turn see who has viewed their profile.

Advertising on social media is the best way to get your business noticed. There are no particular downsides to it, just the techniques. There are numerous tools that can assist you in handling all your social media platforms at the same time. This is usually necessary for large scale advertising.

Ways To Advertise And Tell Your Story To Get Maximum Audience

Advertising is an old tradition that dates back thousands of years ago. It can be referred to as one of the basic instincts of humans which allow us to be recognized for abilities or peculiarities. The medium determines the number of people that would be reached.

Advertising is a way of telling a story, one in which its narrative is geared towards an action such as patronage or further dissemination of the information. Business owners can testify to this as they have first hand information on the importance of advertising. Now the question is; is there a certain way that advertising can be done in order to get maximum audience, and what are the ways to advertise.

Before we kick off on the best ways to advertise in order to achieve maximum attention and traffic, it would be a good idea to first buttress on the necessity of social media. The world has become a global engine fuelled by technology and the power of social media. Social media has made an extremely large world seem like a small community where everything and everyone is connected. It is the best place to meet people and advertise. Every other form of physical advertising is slowly becoming obsolete and irrelevant; this is how much the world has evolved.

Now having made this clear, you already know that the next point would be on the most effective way to advertise and tell your story on social media in order to reach a large number of people or potential clients for business owners.


Twitter is one of the most popular social media sites today with millions of subscribers worldwide it carries a portfolio that accommodates people from all works of life and social status. It offers a limited 140 characters to briefly throw in comments, jingles, adverts images and videos as well, you can simply log on to twitter and create a campaign, then tweet your activities and actions to keep people aware of what you are working on.

The beauty of twitter is that you can tweet up a trend and when people become aware of the message you are trying to push out there they would in turn retweet your messages, this makes your tweets trend.

You can create a twitter moment to show more imagery. Twitter moment is a way to create short video clips on what you want to advertise. This is definitely catchier than just pictures and words. Twitter has a lot of strategic marketing sequences such as the use of Hash tags, and GIFs.


A very creative way to make relevant impression is the use of Geofilters on Snapchat. It narrows down to your specific audience and allows them get a peek at what you are trying to get across. Lots of major companies use customized Geo filters to generate millions of views in very little as a few hours. 


If you are unfamiliar with Facebook then you are deeper under the rock than anybody could possibly be. Facebook is only the best social media in the whole wide world! With millions of subscribers worldwide you don’t need a website when you have a good Facebook campaign running. The click-through rates on Facebook posts daily are enormous and most people advertise their sites of Facebook in the bid to redirect people to their personal or company website, but here’s  a tip, if people only see a link on your Facebook post, it doesn’t drive enough curiosity for them to want to invest time exploring whatever might be on the other side, but if you draft out a nice short of long content with images and then attach a link where people can get more information then you have done the job. You are sure to get reasonable number of clicks.

Other Facebook strategies that can also be employed are;

Facebook photo album – a photo album tells all kinds of stories and can be used to advertise just about anything. It is said that a single image says a thousand words; this shows the effectiveness of a good visual marketing.  When you share photos on Facebook you would notice that in no time you begin to get likes and comments, the likes and comments you get are from people who feel the need to give an input but this is not even close to half of the number of people who have seen and gone through the content posted on Facebook.

Photos are great but the only thing that surpasses the effects of a well edited photo is a video. Yes, you can upload videos which can be as long as 120 minutes. Videos are very engaging and go a long way in painting the right picture in the minds of your audience.

We cannot fully express the importance of video advertising without talking about live streaming! You can also create videos on Facebook live, although this requires some preparation and scripting but it’s definitely a great way to advertise as this gets you instant attention.

Other great social media where you advertise with videos are YouTube and instagram. YouTube is the leading video marketing website online. You can find any video by simple typing the keyword, this means that you can make your videos easy to find by millions of people by adding a strong keyword.

Another non-social media means of advertising is the use of Infographs.