Steps To Creating An Exceptional E-Commerce Store

In the modern world of today where competition in online business is at its peak, it is of utmost priority to remain on top of the food change by creating innovations to your business in order to stand out from the numerous others.

Based on today research in the world of online business, these are key steps you need to start with in order to make your e-commerce store exceptional.


Don’t limit yourself to templates and themes that are common to every other person. Don’t make your e-commerce store look like every other competitor out there. When visitors visit your store they should be able to notice your brand to be special.

Place a logo with a variation of colors that best describes your products and that appeals to the market you are trying to connect with. People make up their mind in the first 90 seconds of their initial interaction with either products or people and half of it is based on colors alone (University of Winnipeg)

The fonts and layouts of your e-commerce store are very important to the success of your business. So make it a point of duty to always choose fonts that are strong yet simple, for home pages, product title, and product description.


People look for convenience. nobody wants to log on to an e-commerce store and find it difficult or confusing to navigate or purchase products, view their cart, or even pay for an item being added to their cart. If people find it frustrating they will begin to look for some other convenient stores online.

Simplicity is the key to getting orders for any product on your e-commerce store.  Every common e-commerce store you know makes it simple for their customers to shop and find items to order.  For instance, Google shopping shows items with less price first, while Amazon shows items based on customers search or last purchase.

You can use a filter for product search so customers can easily find exactly what they need or you can make trending products display on your homepage. Whichever way you choose it must be easy for visitors to skim through.


It is important to show every product on your e-commerce store with high-resolution images that show the attention to details and designs of the products. You will need to make effort to make people grab the product as soon as possible. Having a low-resolution image can be very discouraging for customers and they end up not patronizing. Make sure every product image goes through quality assurance.


Social offers different methods to reach your target market. For example, you can sell products through social media and also you can create campaigns to make your market aware of your website. The first thing an owner of an e-commerce store should consider doing brings your followers to your store by sharing information to your landing pages. This will also add credibility to your company, showcase your community of followers on social media and also give users Ideas on how to use products.

Post engaging content on your social media pages by sharing videos on how to use products, motivational quotes, holiday ideas, coupons, and competition awareness. Always be sure to include a call to action link or button to any social media post.


Include a CONTACT US form to your e-commerce store so that visitors to your store can easily contact you for support. Giving your customers a great shopping experience is not just enough, but having a great customer support answering to all customer complaints and enquires makes your online store stand out among your competitors. Having a responsive support system adds trust and sense of security to your store.


Creating a blog page on your e-commerce store is a great way to add value to your websites. It gives your websites life when you highlight products, talk about real life and events. When creating a blog for your e-commerce store be sure to post contents that relate to your products and services that you render.

A blog with relevant SEO keywords helps your e-commerce website rank better in search engines such as Google which will, in turn, increase the traffic to your store and also turn some of these visitors on your blog to potential customers.


what happens when your online store is view via mobile devices? Most people are always on the go and would love to able to shop from their mobile devices without having to use a laptop. If your e-commerce store is difficult to view on mobile devices you could lose a lot of customers.

Make sure your e-commerce store not only looks great on laptop screen but also on mobile devices.


Let your customers know about how great your shipping method is. Make sure it is easy and cheap for customers to get the products they purchase from your store delivered.


Surprise your customers with a great shopping experience by giving a considerably easier return policy for every product. Making it easy for customers to return a product free of charge keeps them coming back to shop from your e-commerce store.


Customers passion can be kindle by creating a unique story around your industry and products. This can be done by creating video channels where visitors to this channel get to see how your company is doing. Having a community around your products and brand attracts customers to your e-commerce store.


Giving out gifts to old and new customers adds credibility to your company. Everyone likes to shop from a store that gives out free gift after their purchase of certain products.

For example, MAC cosmetics give gifts to their esteem customers at certain periods in a year.  To make a difference put gift prizes on a number of purchases a customer buys from your store.

At the end of these steps take note that what makes your e-commerce store exceptional is the uniqueness you bring to your company. Do what you know best first and then move from there onwards.